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To all of you who spread the word about SWALLET - THANK YOU! Not only have sales of SWALLETS continued to increase every year, but this past Quarter we have taken more orders for SWALLETS than all of last year. Until recently, your enthusiasm has been our only form of advertisement. Now, you have company.

Twist Magazine's September 1999 issue featured an article on SWALLET. And SWALLET was included in J. C. Penny's winter 1999/2000 Noise Magazine "Cool Stuff" section.

Skin Diver magazine's April issue featured SWALLET in their "Gear to Grab" section. And this summer, Men's Journal is doing an article on SWALLET.

In addition to the free print ads, travelers across the world have posted the word about the SWALLET being virtually pickpocket proof on the Fodors and Rick Steves websites.

All because of YOU! Thank you for your business and always keep a SWALLET in your pocket, and show it to a friend.

If, as is said, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then we should be exceedingly flattered. Because we continue to see knock offs advertised on television, magazines and the Internet. While we are grateful for this validation, we must warn you: don't be fooled; nothing else looks like a SWALLET and nothing else feels like a SWALLET. Make sure you have the authentic SWALLET. If it doesn't say "SWALLET" ... call us at:





Rick Gaestel


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